The band SOLEMN OATH (USA) was originally formed in July 1989. Founding member and songwriter/guitarist – Mark Loseth (who also penned the band name) saw the band evolve from a five member group in its first six months to eventually a four member group respectively. In both phases the band performed “live” at many clubs in the Orange County/ L.A. area. The band also did a fair share of “showcase” performances in those early days. More on the early years at a future date….

Present day Solemn Oath (USA) now features: Jennifer Sims (vocals) Mark Loseth (vocals and guitars) Matt Rodriguez (bass guitar) Nick Zurn (drums).  Mark personally recruited after many, many auditions this final line-up for the CD Project!

Note: It was from a re-write of a song Mark had written earlier in his past that he penned the new version "NASCAR" on May 5, 2006.  Then came the idea to record it, which led to six more songs.  Two of these songs were co-written with original 1989 Solemn Oath band members and put onto a CD.  The project started on May 1, 2007, with the present lineup completed July 11, 2007.  After many unforeseen setbacks, here it is for your listening pleasure…


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